I had Icon’s on my FJ and Radflo with compression dampening but nothing feels better then rebound and compression dampening on the front AND the rear. About 2.5 years and +30k miles on them, and I love them. I believe that the 883 is second gen. Finally, price these against your other top tier race shocks, and it’s clear to see that OME is going to earn their place in the race shock category once more people start to run and appreciate their performance. Does OME make a lower tier suspension, like the Bilstein 6112/5160? All you do is press down on the lower control arms and then pull out the strut. Once you have the ABS and brake line brackets removed, you can pull the cotter pin from the ball joint nut. However, a properly engineered suspension lift is so much more. The most common set-ups will be the six items below. 1. FJ Cruiser. Designed and engineered by ARB, the nitrogen-charged and progressive valved OME BP-51 high-performance shocks introduce a new level of competition to the current players in the game such as Fox, Icon and King. Old Man Emu BP51 Suspension Kit 2.5-3″ Lift Kit For 10+ 4Runner (with KDSS) – Install Guide, Overview & Initial Thoughts. You would look at the 90010 OME front shocks with 885 front coils for the front. Vehicle suspension, especially … Terrain 4wd roof rack 5th Gen 4runner $ 599.00 On Sale; RCR4WD roof rack $ 669.00; RCR4WD Rock sliders $ 445.00; RCR4WD 4runner 5th gen cargo storage panels $ 385.00; ICON 2003-UP Toyota 4Runner Billet Aluminum Rear Lower Link Kit $ 787.45; ICON 2010-UP Toyota 4Runner 0-3.5" Suspension System - Stage 2 (Tubular) $ 2,749.49 ICON 2010-UP Toyota 4Runner 0-3.5" Suspension System - … When I did it was somewhere between 5 and H (hard). The EVO MTs are true rock tires. Use the same method that you performed when removing the factory struts. Hitting sharp city corners, speed bumps, potholes, backing out of the driveway and dropping off curbs never felt so plush, whereas the Icon valving is a little jerky and stiff. For installing the OME upper control arms, focus on the factory upper control arm washers. The downside to the 6112 is they lack adjustability in all areas; compression, rebound and a threaded shock body ride height. Not yet, no. You have two bolts in the front and one in the back. While one person is underneath pushing the upper control arm bolt out, another guy should be in the engine bay reaching down and pulling the long bolt directly out. To $1,669.67. Each shock is independently adjustable for both rebound and compression offering true race technology off the road and well-mannered behaviors for everyday applications. Front Spacer 2. OME 2010+ 4Runner Heavy Load Suspension Kit - 2.5-3" Lift. lol. Once you loosen the upper control arm bolts push the long upper control arm bolt through the backside of the strut tower towards the front of the 4Runner. The factory strut (or whatever strut you’re running) should now be free from the strut tower and lower control arm. At Pure 4Runner, you will find the largest selection of 4Runner parts and accessories on the web. At speed and low range, the BP-51s offer a more comfortable ride all the way around. The Icons are firm and will jerk you around whereas the BP-51s are a bit more forgiving. Get an idea of how the stick nuts work and locate the plastic cover along the frame rail. This is the Big Wheel Pro Eagle Jack. What is the difference between the KDSS AND NON-KDSS kits. Body LiftYou have front spacer kits (front spacer only), front and rear spacer kits (front and rear spacer), and then you have a suspension kit (Coilovers, Upper Control Arms “UCAs”, rear springs, and rear shocks). I am curious though, do you know if you can adjust the height of the shock? 10-14 FJ Cruiser. On top of an adjustable threaded shock body, they feature remote reservoirs all the way around along with full compression AND rebound adjustment which allows the end-user full shock adjustability. This is all around the same price as well. For a full suspension with remote reservoirs and working with KDSS, this was a pretty simple install. Remove your factory or aftermarket shocks. Leave it a few turns away from the ball joint. Here is our before and after alignment sheet. With the shims above the front coilovers did you get a full 3″ of lift? Depending on the terrain you are driving, you can adjust the shock compression and rebound individually from anywhere between a 200% – 300% increase in valving variance from full soft to firm through the adjuster. We entrusted o ur 1993 4runner to Gary Kardum and his crew at Mudrak Custom Cruisers of Sonoma, CA. The actual stick portion of the stick nut can be bent at each groove. For the price, you can’t find anything else like it. GET PAID FOR WRITING A 4RUNNER PRODUCT REVIEW OR STEP BY STEP INSTALL. I would be stoked to run a set of those though. Most “adjustable” shocks out there are really only designed to adjust the compression of shock, not the rebound as well. We will not be using the provided hardware as we will be stacking aftermarket Ekstrom Designs Strut shims on top of our coilovers in order to gain a little more lift. Once you have put enough pressure on the lower control arms, the struts should pull right out. Removing struts from a KDSS-equipped vehicle on the other hand is tighter. If I read the above link correctly the 887's are 5th gen 4Runner specific, and the 886's were for the 4th Gen. $417.04. Once the upper control arms have been successfully installed, you can position the ball joint through the spindle. I was able to get just under 4″ of lift in the front without adjusting the preload on the shocks and with a 1″ spacer on top of the 2″ 889 coils in the rear put my rear at 3″. For around $3000, the BP-51 shocks are currently the most adjustable shocks on the market. The internal bypass means that, within the shock body itself, there are zones that essentially reroute the oil past the main active piston. One person should be using a long prybar or 2×4 piece of wood in order to gain enough pressure on the lower control arms thus releasing the pressure on the strut. The concept is similar to a rivnut (rivet nut), however, stick nuts are a little more universal. This can be a very challenging task if you’re alone but very easy if you have the help of a friend. Out of the box at speed, the BP-51s offer a very capable off-road driving experience. Old Man Emu 4×4 Suspension by ARB approaches this in a unique way. Now it’s time to place the new BP-51 coilovers into the strut tower. For KDSS 4Runners, you can get the front trim packer (OME95PF5). OME95PF5). Congratulations, you have now successfully installed your BP-51 coilovers and OME upper control arms. Tundra. That’s why our’s featured here is silver and doesn’t quite blend in. ... 5th Gen 4Runner Old Man Emu … ICON 2003-UP Toyota 4Runner Delta Joint Billet Upper Control Arm Kit $ 1,422.70; ICON 2010-UP Toyota 4Runner / GX460 0-3.5" Suspension System - Stage 7 (Tubular) $ 5,532.98 ARB DELUXE BAR TOYOTA 4RUNNER 2010-13 $ 1,235.95; Dobinsons 2.0" Lift Kit - Toyota 4Runner 2010+ (5th Gen) $ 880.00 Dobinsons Adjustable Rear LowerControl Arms - Toyota 4Runner 2003-2020 (4th & 5th Gen) & FJ … ARB’s OME (Old Man Emu) BP-51 Suspension Lift Kit for 5th Gen 4Runner – Install Guide, https://trail4runner.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/08/Trail_4R_Logo-4.png, https://trail4runner.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/10/ome-bp-51-lift-4runner-10.jpg. The Ekstrom Designs allows you to add 1″ of lift without adjusting preload on your coilovers. See more ideas about toyota 4runner, 4runner, 4th gen 4runner. This will help to attach the remote reservoir to the remote reservoir bracket. Under $1000 for a full kit minus the UCAs. Quick view Add to Cart The item has been added. 07-09 FJ Cruiser. Fully Kitted: 5th Gen 4Runner. Once you have your old coil spring out, you can now install your new OME 889 coil spring. The OME Old Man Emu Suspension for the 2010+ 4Runner is a tried and true cost-effective way to lift your 5th Gen 4Runner 2-3” while not using spacers for lift. Might have to go with these once I’m ready to upgrade the stock suspension. Our newsletter is pretty much the best thing you'll ever read! For the price, I don’t think there is anything better on the market. Depending on the brand you choose, it may well be just that! Once you have your coilovers in, you can start to position your remote reservoirs within the remote reservoir bracket. The ARB/OME engineers took the concept of an external bypass race series shock and redesigned that into the internal compact core of a traditional shock, giving the BP-51 a modern-day truck fitment with race class heat dissipation technology. This provides an easily accessible nut directly inside the frame rail. Ironman 4×4 Standalone Recovery Points – 5th Gen 4Runner, 5th Gen Mods, Gear, Off-Road, Reviews, Trail Tested, LASFIT Pro Low Beam LED Headlights with Built-In Dust Covers for the 5th Gen 4Runner, 5th Gen Mods, Headlights, Install, LED Bulbs, Lighting, Off-Road, Overland, Reviews, simple turn of the compression and rebound dial, Here is our before and after alignment sheet, Heated Sequential Turn Signal Mirrors With LED Indicators on Glass for Toyota 4Runner, Top 5 Headlight Housing Replacement Options For the 5th Gen 4Runner, Beyond Wraps Hood Scoop Stamp – 5th Gen 4Runner, We put together a review on this awhile ago, Remote reservoirs with advanced heat dissipation (also allowing increased travel of the shock body), 3″ Heavy Kit (Non-KDSS) – OME4RNR10HKBP51, 3″ Medium Kit (Non-KDSS) – OME4RNR10MKBP51. We are using two strut shims provided by Ekstrom Design. You can get these custom-tuned by your local shock expert but right out of the box, these are some of the best that we have seen in terms of DIY tuning and adjustability. The rebuild included an entirely rebuilt engine, complete Old Man Emu suspension kit and a total front end rebuild, new OEM clutch, new brakes and upgraded rotors, reconditioned fuel injectors, all new hoses, and belts throughout and a new set of BF Goodrich All … BP-51 is a good bet if you are worried about salt. Use coupon code "TRAIL4R10" and save 10% on windshield wiper blades from Scrubblade. Article is already drafted and tests have started. Instead of an instant rebound jerk like you would find on a stock suspension, you barely even notice the suspension is working at all. This equipment is brutally tested in the outback and on the beach dunes to make sure it will hold up for the long haul. The bottom portion of the bracket is held in place by a factory Toyota bolt and the top two bolts are held into place with provided hardware from old man emu. While holding the stick nut in place, proceed to bolt the provided hardware through the bracket and the frame rail into the provided nut. That’s the real beauty of these shocks—you can tune compression AND rebound yourself. New owner of a 2021 ORP and this site have been a honey pot for ideas. Hitting a whoop at 35mph, both my passenger and I held on for dear life. I was told it is just the brackets for the reservoirs, but would like to know if that is the case. VERY IMPORTANT: Lower your 4Runner back to the ground FIRST, then torque upper control arms to 82 ft-lbs. What compression and rebound settings are you using? This Old Man Emu Suspension System has been specifically designed for your 2010-Current Toyota 4Runner and has been proven in the harsh conditions of the Australian Outback. Removing upper control arms usually takes the help of a friend. Buy Old Man Emu OME4RNR10LKS Old Man Emu Suspension Lift Kit For Use w/4Runner 5th Gen 10-18 Light Kit Old Man Emu Suspension Lift Kit: Shocks, Struts & Suspension - Amazon.com FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases